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Sad:- See what really happened to these 10 school children that made them lose their lives.

Around three students from the LEA elementary school in Kubwa Abuja died after they ate biscuits given to them on their birthday by another student while they were still in school, according to news reports.

According to DailyTrust, two 14-year-old students, Na'imat Yahaya and Yahaya Garba, died after returning home from school.

On the day of the celebration, primary one students Moses Sunday, Aisha Isa, and Hasiya Haruna were transferred to the Kubwa hospital.

After he died on Wednesday, his family said the other two were doing just great. Parents are rushing to the school to take up their children as a result of the shift, resulting in mayhem.

That being said, the data here is wrong since it fails to capture what actually transpired. Around-the-corner residents stampeded inside LEA elementary school, where an event was being held for reasons of safety.

No one knows what started the stampede because it included a small child who was a long way from school.

Some students were outdoors when the stampede came through; they were trampled and stomped on, and as a result, they died tragically.

The students had died, despite the fact that nurses and doctors were on hand to assist. They confirmed that there was nothing else they could do.

Each student's parents received a call asking them to come pick up their kids. The tears they wept as they walked through the door were quite moving.

Because the reason for the stampede was a mystery, we just learnt that they were killed by a birthday present. There was no denying that something had happened, but no one knew what had set people out on a spree.

Eyewitnesses who were bloggers were therefore obliged to invent the story that the stampede was a birthday present because they lacked knowledge on what caused it.

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