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“Why Is He not Campaigning ?”- Mzanzi React After Spotting a top ANC Member in a wedding On Saturday


As local government elections are around the corner, people expect all leaders and comrades to be out campaigning for their parties. In the past 2 weeks, we’ve seen many politicians roaming around the streets manifesting and recruiting people to vote for their party, but there’s one comrade who has been quiet all along: Ace Magashule, the revoked ANC Secretary General. Many people have been asking about his whereabouts and what he is planning because he has been so quiet.


Magashule was spotted attending a fancy wedding at the weekend while other comrades were out campaigning for the party. This sparked a huge debate on social media as people were asking "why is he not campaigning because all the other top leaders are campaigning?". Some even went on to ask if he had lost his passion for the African National Congress.


Magashule was one of the die-hard ANC members who vowed not to leave it even though things were bad. In the past year, during the election time, Magashule was always on the ground campaigning and securing bags for the ANC. But this year, things seem different and people are starting to assume that the R225 million corruption allegations are causing bad blood between him and the party. You will remember that Ace Magashule was suspended after allegations of corruption in an asbestos tender.



According to the reports from his well-known ally, he was attending a wedding of two doctors who met each other in Cuba during their time of study. It was said that these doctors were part of a project that was sponsored by Magashule. See their photos below:

 After these photos were posted, many people were concerned about what was going on between Ace Magashule and the party because they expected him to be on the ground campaigning just like in other years. See people’s comments below:


This wedding meant so much to Ace as the bride and the groom are his products, so there was no way he could miss the wedding. Ace believes that he was unfairly revoked by the ANC, so obviously he can’t be looking out for a party that revoked him. No matter how much he loves the ANC, there’s just no way he can put it first after what they did to him.



What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Magashule has lost his love for the ANC after the corruption allegations and ban? Please leave your comments below.

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