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Meet 26year old lady who built her parents a house with a low budget, after graduating from college


A young lady from Kwazulu natal has caught the eye of the public. After sharing images of her success. She shared an achievement she made for her parents after finishing with her studies without getting a job. Instead of sitting down doing nothing young lady decided to use the little she has to build for her parents.

At the age of 26years jobless Zama Zungu started a project with the little she had to build a house for her parents. With the skills she learnt from school she built one of the most beautiful homes without hiring a man to build.

She used her bare hands getting the help from her friends. Today she went on LinkedIn app to share that she would do anything for her parents who couldn't enjoy their pension money. Trying to shape a bright future for her, this time she thanked them and vowed to make them proud by all the means.

Struggling to find employment didn't stop her from doing good for her parents. Instead she used the little she had to thank them for being there during rough times. Money was never an excuse to give respect and love to the people who mean a lot to her.

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Kwazulu Zama Zungu


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