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Memes that will spice up your day

When you hear that the math teacher is sick. You bought a chair from jiji, your kids were playing and they used razor to open the chair and you found this. What will you do? Will you return it???I still don't understand how cockroaches survive inside an oven, you will be roasting your chicken and suddenly you see them walking like Shadrack, Mishack and AbednegoInterviewer: Please be comfortable


Driving experts!!! What will you do in this situation? I just move aside and let them pass When you all got nothing in common but you vibe Love is really powerful! I can relate I thought I will never see you guys again

When you were drunk yesterday and you get a text the next day saying 'that was a nice blowjob you gave me'. And you be like 'what kind of prank is this

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