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An evil plan to deal with Unvaccinated people mistakenly comes out

The efforts to achieve herd immunity are increasing with each passing moment. The government is always coming out with strategic ways to encourage people go and get their own jab, but what does the future hold for those who are refusing the vaccine?

There has been ongoing photographic evidence of the fate that awaits thousands of South Africans who are not keen on getting the vaccine and it is not looking good. According to various scientists, there are various contingency plans in place that will ensure co-operation, whether the Unvaccinated people like it or not:


"What’s disturbing to me is one of the Pfizer scientists said the idea is to make life so inconvenient for the unvaxxed that they’ll eventually cave and get it. But, he admits natural immunity is stronger and knows the dangers of the vax." said our anonymous source.


A lot of South Africans have come guns blazing, because they believe that they were mislead by the President. When this pandemic first broke out, it was said that the Vax will not be mandatory, but now it is a different story altogether. Is this right, should it not be up to the people to decide whether they want to get the jab or not, this is in clear violation of the people's rights


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