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Mnakwethu: South Africans feel betrayed by MaShelembe, see what viewers noticed

Mnakwethu: South Africans feel betrayed by MaShelembe, see what viewers noticed

While you're here, please follow me!

MaShelembe's episode of Mnakwethu left South Africans with so much anger against her husband and his horn second wife who claimed she's a pillar in his life!

People came together to hustle for MaShelembe in different ways! Some provided financial support to get her out of the toxic relationship whole others pledged to skill her with what she can utilize to actually generate her own wealth! She broke the internet and people were sure that she left her husband!

Unfortunately, we can comment all we want but the decision to see her husband for the conniving that he is, is ultimately her decision! On tonight's part 1 of season 2 finale of the reality show, MaShelembe asked a few relevant questions to the men in studio and got commended for it!

What viewers noticed however, is how MaShelembe was all smiles when her husband was speaking! According to the TL, "she betrayed us" because we were mad on her behalf but here she is being joyous in the eyes of a man who made her a laughing stock to the country! In my observation, if MaShelembe did leave her husband, she did so out of the pressure she received when her episode was aired because before then, I doubt that she had taken the decision to leave him! Again, this episode was pre-recorded so there's no telling whether she is still with him or has left!

On next week's episode, she strikes at Masithole and asks "how are you a pillar in my marriage when you couldn't be a pillar to the man you have 3 children with?" And that's the scene that viewers are anxiously waiting for!

So MaShelembe didn't leave. Never felt soo betrayed 😩 #Mnakwethu

I feel like MaShelembe is about to disappoint us...SA will shake, did you see that smile sakhe when her man spoke? #Mnakwethu

I didn't like that MaShelembe smiled when her husband was speaking 😒😒 haibo after [we were so angry as a country] 🙄🚮 #Mnakwethu

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