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Is the R23k blazer from Rich Mnisi worth it?

Big brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and so many like them, are not easy brands to own. It's apparent because most people who own these brands are among the top one percent, or people who are doing well financially.

What do you think it takes developing a brand like this? , well, that is a question we should ask young South Africa fashion designer Rich Mnisi. Rich has established a brand that is up to par with brands like Gucci and LV, but how did he do it? Establishing a brand like this requires a lot of quality over quantity, people will pay a lot more for something that has quality, and that is what rich descovered, he established himself as a world pronounced fashion designer and that earned him the respect of many.

The Brand Rich Mnisi is pricey and not everyone can afford it, this gives those who can afford the brand a certain status, one that is different from those who can not afford it.

There is one particular Item that was launched by the brand Rich Mnisi, and it has surprised a lot of people, myself included. The item is a blazer that is called the viper blazer, which cost R23, 999, this is not cheap. This blazer is worth over the average salary of the average South African citizen.

This is showing us how established of a brand Rich Mnisi is. Rich Mnisi has surely earned a spot among the biggest clothing brands in south africa and across the world. Although it will not be purchased by the working class citizens of the world, it sure will be purchased by the middle class citizens and the top 1 percent of the world.

One thing that Rich Mnisi is known for is his versatile sense of style and fashion. Rich is particularly talented and as it seems a very creative individual indeed.

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