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"Find me in your room like this what will happen" | Beautiful Lady Asked This Question On Twitter

This young lady caused a big stir after she took to Twitter to post a provocative picture of herself sitting on a bed, and accompanied the picture with a question, as she asked people what they will do if they found her in their room sitting on their bed.

"Find me in your room like this what will happen to me 🥺😋🍑" - She wrote.

However, the young lady did not get the responses she was expected, as most people responded by asking her how she would've entered their room without their permission, look how some people responded to her picture and question...

"Call the police"

"What would you be doing in a strangers room in the 1st place?I think its you who should be asking yourself how you got there becasue you won't be leaving without an explanation"

"Will immediately call the police and tell them i caught an intruder in my"

"How did you get in my room first?"

"Call cops and you'll be arrested"

"I don't believe in witchcraft but that day I will pour sea salt, jays fluid, FG and trekker tea!!!"

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