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Love is in the air as Zodwa Wabantu reveals her new boyfriend


If you believe in love, then chances are you will find yourself in a relationship someway somehow. Even though you might think you’re on the same page as your partner, but that cannot be measured until true colours come out. Hence you cannot rely on such feelings, as long as you’re happy and everything is going well in your relationship, there’s no need to keep digging for things that are not there. Rather live in the moment, enjoy a relationship and you will address any trials and tribulations when they come. After all, there are no perfect relationships and you don’t have to settle for less too. Love is all about choices, hence everyone’s decisions need to be respected, as long as it doesn’t inflict any form of abuse to their partner. 

Now, there have been reports about Zodwa Wabantu’s new boyfriend and that’s something that she’s never afraid to share with the public. After all, Zodwa lives an honest life whereby she’s constantly spilling the beans about her life. Over the years, people have shown interest in her love life. This time around the South African dancer has shown hints that she might be back in the dating scene with a bang. Even though she does get a lot of criticism with her choice of men but she still finds love whenever she wants it. With Zodwa though, you never know if it's love or just fun and games. The last time she was involved in a relationship, things didn’t end well, after her ex Vusi allegedly took her money and bought himself a new car. On top of that, he cheated on him and Zodwa had a public meltdown. 

By the looks of things, Zodwa has healed from her past relationship and has shown her new bae on her social media platforms. However, she hasn’t revealed his face, as she’s still teasing the public. One thing is for sure, Zodwa has stuck to her young men route within her love life. According to social media people and the photo that has been shared by Zodwa on her Instagram account. It seems like they’ve recognized the young gentleman as Olefile Mpudi. 

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Date: 08/10/2021

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