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A complaint has been filed against 600 anti- vaxxers in Seapoint Capetown

A complaint has been filled against approximately 600 anti-vaxers who assembled at Sea Point in Cape Town on Saturday 18 September 2021.

The group walked to the streets to demonstrate to their rights to choose freely. The protest comes after President Cyril Ramaphosas "family meeting" on September 12. Throughout his speech, the President emphasized the necessity of getting vaccinated.

While the President acknowledged that vaccinated people could still become infected and spread the SARS -CoV2 virus to others, he claimed that data showed that few people who were vaccinated against the novel Corona virus

became seriously ill with the disease, and even fewer ended up in ICU or required ventilation. Meanwhile, companies, establishments, and government agencies are implementing tight vaccination requirements. While President Ramaphosa has stated that vaccination is not required, several have enforced vaccination a requirement in order to engage in specific sectors, such as university attendance.

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