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RIP | Two Grade 12 learners found dead in a house they were renting outside Creighton KZN.

The two victims rented the home so that they could attend the local high school, which is why they were able to get inside the house. After some time had passed, the body of one of the victims was found a considerable distance away from the house.

Their families are in a state of astonishment and chaos as a result of the calamity. One of the women was found outside of the house, but she was unable to be saved before arriving at the hospital where she was being taken. A neighboring wooded area was searched, and the second girl was found resting there.

It is not true that a large number of people in our rainbow nation have a negative attitude toward female inhabitants. It is a product of the time period in which we find ourselves currently living in this world. We are instructed in the Bible to "we need to redeem the time, for the days are evil." It is taken from the book of Acts, which was authored by the apostle Paul. Acts was a book that was included in the Bible. The majority of people living in today's world are morally illiterate; they have no idea what constitutes right and evil in their actions.

What people believe to be erroneous is, in fact, correct, and what they believe to be correct is, in fact, incorrect. To put it another way, this is the kind of era that we are currently living in. This current generation will be accountable for a wide range of atrocities, and they will have no remorse for the things they have done. Dear children, I pray that the Lord would restore and revitalize our moral principles, and that you may all rest in peace.

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