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Another shock regarding the Enock Mgijimi Council besides the alleged R15-mill stadium

If you thought you had seen enough of the Enock Mgigimi Council that has been trending on social media regarding the R15-million stadium, then you are in for another shock.

This is after a shocking revelation was made regarding the poor service delivery by the municipality a few minutes away from the alleged R15-million stadium. Even though the municipality defended its decision on the expenditure of R15-million, the community members are disappointed. There is a location just near the stadium that seems like a dumping site. It is near Mpedulo Public school, but the place looks like a dumping site because of the absence of service delivery.

It is really concerning that the children play around the dirty area thereby putting their health at great risk. The ANC-led municipality is failing to ensure that there is adequate service delivery for the people. It is a disappointment that despite the fact that the residents pay for the services, the municipality is not meeting the residents halfway.

A good municipality is one that ensures that there is good service delivery and that the people are protected from all possible health problems. However, what was unveiled regarding the Enock Mgijimi Municipality reveals that people are on their own. As there are tensions between the municipality of Enock Mgijimi and its people, there is a great need for the former to schedule a meeting with the community members to address all the concerns.

The community members have questions that need to be addressed by the municipality. It is for this reason that the municipality must inform the people how the R15-million expenditure came about.

An explanation must also be given by the municipality as to why there has not been any service delivery. Do you think the municipality will even arrange a meeting with its people and give them the closure that they need?

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