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South African Government to Allegedly Set a New Law For Foreigners

Allegedly a new law is about to be introduced in South Africa for Foreign nationals. South African government has seen the need to add to the laws that are already in place for foreigners.

This law will allegedly be implemented to start working by the end of November this year. This means that in less than a month, foreigners will have to adapt to the changes made by this law.

According to the President of Mining Forums South Africa, Blessing Ramoba, the government has set a new law that foreign nationals will not be allowed to drive a South African registered truck using a foreign driving permit. Allegedly, the government is looking to officiate or make this law public and start operating by the end of November.

By the look of things, only truck drivers from foreign nations coming into South Africa do deliver or receive goods will be allowed to drive without a valid South African driver's license but make use of their foreign driving permit.

This also means a turnaround for foreign nationals working as truck drivers in South Africa using their foreign driving permits. Because as it stands, the South African law permits foreign citizens to drive in South Africa even without a South African driving license but with a valid driving permit from their country of origin.

This could mean a job increase for South Africans and a job decrease for foreigners in one sector. If this law is officiated, foreign nationals who work as truck drivers in South Africa will loose their jobs. On the other hand truck companies will have to employ South Africans or people with a South African driving license to be their truck drivers. For foreigners to retain their jobs as truck drivers, it means they will have to follow the correct procedure to obtain a South African driving license and hope that they do not get replaced during the period when they try to obtain one.

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