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'This Is The Woman Who Was Gunned Down Alongside Muzi In A Ferrari

The incident has caused a stir in the community as well as the country because it just happens to occur just after another similar incident took place earlier in the week where we saw a couple getting gunned down by an alleged taxi driver, this is another similar incident where the same circumstances tend to have happened.

It is believed that this is as a result of a dispute for a woman and this woman can be seen in the picture that I have just uploaded is believed to be the one who was caught between the love triangle, apparently the man who pulled the trigger was sent by the wife of this gentleman.

They are currently involved in tender businesses where they receive government contracts to do some jobs and get a lot of money because of it, so this is something that is very shocking to the general public unfortunately the news about the whereabouts of the people who are involved in this assassination have not been revealed.

It is unfortunate for the couple that was gunned down while sitting in a R3 million-rand Ferrari, apparently the couple had gone to a date and it is unclear how the circumstances had led to this dispute that unravelled leading to this couple getting killed.

Law enforces are conducting investigations in order to find the perpetrators of this crime and bring them to Justice because this is a serious crime that has been committed here, and it demands the necessary law enforcements that are going to bring Justice to the family members of the bereaved because this is something that is seriously unacceptable for other members of the public to murder other people.

Anyone with information that could lead to their arrests are encouraged to step forward as this is a bad example and this is clearly something that should have been stopped when it happened for the first time, but unfortunately the person who perpetrated it initially had turned the gun on himself and unfortunately the case ended there but in this incident, there are survivors who need to be incarcerated.

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