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If You See this USB Charger In your Hotel Room Leave Immediately, Do this First When You Arrive.


As much as technology is making things easier for us, it is also making things harder on the other side. There are people who use it to manipulate other people. For example, a phone was made so that it would be easy for people to interact from different places and make things easier, but there are some who use it to hack and steal from other people. That is why I say the same way that technology is making our lives easier is equivalent to how it is putting our lives at risk.


Due to technology, it is no longer safe to go to a hotel and do all the activities for free. Nowadays, people put secret cameras in their hotel rooms so that they can capture whatever they are doing. Most of the people who go to hotels are couples who want to enjoy a time out or those who are seeing each other behind closed doors. So if you don’t check the hotel room before you start your activities, one day you’ll find yourself in one of the blue videos trending on the internet. See the photo of the most used device that people put in hotel rooms:


If you don’t know this device, you will think it’s a charger adapter or something. This is a camera, so if you get to a hotel room or guesthouse and find it, just pack your belongings and leave, because you are being recorded. More elaboration of this device can be found below.


That small dot is a camera and a microphone. At some point, it can be hidden where you can’t see it. Another tip to detect if there’s a camera in the hotel room is that first thing when you arrive, turn off all the lights and close the curtains so that it's dark, then turn on your phone’s torch and point it all over the room. If there’s a camera, you’ll see it by a reflection light because lances reflect light back.


Another thing that this device does is give the owner of it access to everything on your phone. If you plug it in, it transfers all the data without requesting your permission. So next time you see such things in the hotel room, just leave.




Some hotels put them there for security purposes, because there are people who steal hotels’ property when they leave. So they put this camera on you so they can track you down with the video if you steal anything, but this is unlawful because a hotel room is supposed to be a private space.What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is a good idea for hotels to protect their resources by putting cameras in the rooms? Leave your comments below.


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