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End Times| The Asteroid As Big As A Giant Tower Will Crash On The Orbit Of the Earth Tonight 10:30

Reading the book of Luke has talked about signs that will be heard happening in the skies and Heavens. The book further Warns that when we see this things we have to know that the time is near. Especially when they happen now and then indeed it's a Bible Prophecy. We are leaving in times we have to be very careful. Pray unceasingly and read the Bible to change our lives. Scientists say the asteroid will crash on our orbit by 10:30 pm tonight.

Let's recall the incident that once happened in Siberia in the Early morning on June 30, 1908 a very unusual phenomenon was observed here in a village in Siberia. High above the horizon, the peasants saw an object shining very brightly; it was too bright for the naked eye. Low on the horizon, in the same direction as the luminous body, a small black cloud could be seen. When the bright object approached the ground, it seemed to be crushed to dust.

In its place a vast cloud of black smoke formed, and a loud explosion, as if from an avalanche of large stones, was heard. Buildings shook, and a forked tongue of flame burst upward through the cloud. The villagers ran into the street in terror. Old women wept; everyone thought that the end of the world was imminent.

But we should not panic as the Bible fore told they will be signs of the great day. Scientists have known for a long time that earth is subject to bombardment from space. We have only to look at the moon’s battered landscape to realize that we live in a cluttered neighborhood. Were it not for the atmosphere and the continuous recycling of earth’s surface by plate tectonics and erosion, our planet’s face would be as cratered as the moons.

Indeed we are safe as for now because one landing and burst of an asteroid wont be good for our planet earth.

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End Times| Luke


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