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A smart move by a 14 years old girl who did this to a teacher who wanted to be intimate with her

Times Live reports that a 14-year-old Welkom High School student set a trap for an irresponsible teacher who asked for privacy with her.

The teacher had started his move when he offered transportation to the student in question. He would ask for the girl's phone number, which would cause her to disappear. 

 Her mother reportedly gave her a cell phone and the teacher has trapped himself when he asked to be intimate with the student. The evidence is said to have been used during the hearing that led to the teacher's dismissal without notice. 

 Everything the student was told was recorded on the phone and used against him. When students go to school, they do so with the goal of receiving an education.

It is a smart move by the girl protecting herself who knows what might have happened if the girl kept quiet and not say anything. Parents trust their children are safe at school with teachers but if such things happen it raises a red flag.

What happened to the old days where teachers treat their pupil as their own children.

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