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Bad News for all South Africans after this was announced.


FELLOW South Africans, be prepared for a difficult period starting on Thursday and lasting most likely till the weekend, as it has been proclaimed and confirmed. 

While the country continues to suffer with the Covid 19 pandemic, which is claiming many lives, it is also dealing with yet another pandemic that is hurting individuals. 

We've been suffering for years, and it's evident that the administration has no plan in place. It's all talk and no action, and citizens are supposed to suffer as a result. 

Loadshedding has harmed numerous businesses and continues to be a major problem because it affects people's lives. The administration has made no concrete plans to deal with it, only promises. Gwede Mantashe, Minister of Energy and Minerals, stated the last time he talked, there will be a competitor company to Eskom because it appears that the power utility is struggling to keep up. 

Still, it's been all rhetoric and no action until now, as we're set to go through another round of load shedding. 

Stage 2 load shedding will be in effect from 21:00 tonight until 05:00 on Friday morning, according to Eskom. 

The power company said it was doing so to refill its depleted emergency generation reserves. From 21:00 on Friday night to 05:00 on Saturday morning, load shedding will be repeated. 

Following generation unit outages at the Kriel and Tutuka power facilities today, Eskom stated its reserves were reduced faster than expected. 

Eskom also warned that if emergency reserves do not recover, load shedding will continue over the weekend. 

Eskom had already advised South Africans to reduce their power consumption since the electrical system is under "extreme stress." 

On Thursday morning, 14 900 MW of power was lost due to failures, while 4 700 MW was lost due to planned maintenance. 

Eskom lost 700 MW of power in August due to an explosion at the Medupi Power Station, which destroyed a generator. Repairs might take two years and cost anything between R1.5 and R2 billion. 

Although they claim it will cease on Friday, there is a good chance it may last all weekend.

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