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Types Of Friends You Definitely Don't Need In Your Life In Order To Succeed

There are some types of friends who have no positive influence or value on you. They want to see your case or see you uncomfortable. Such friends are not good for your mind.

Here are 10 types of friends you don't need in your life.

1.A friend who doesn't value you or who has time for you. Why do you keep this person as a friend? You don't force people to be your friends, it should come by itself. If someone you call your friend continues to avoid you or never gives you their time, it is best to end that friendship.

2. Friends who never call you. You will never pick up the phone to find out how you are feeling or how you are feeling. You will force communication with them. These friends are a waste of time because they don't care or like how you treat them.

3. Friends who take you for granted. You can do anything to make them happy or to please them, but when it comes to your time they are never there for you. True friendship shouldn't be one-sided.

4. A selfish friend. These people will drain you emotionally because they can't sacrifice themselves for friendship. They always want to cheat on you in everything no matter how you feel.

5. Avoid friends who only call or communicate with you when they need help or something from you that isn't a real friendship.

6. You don't need a friend to leave or leave you when you don't do well academically, financially and emotionally. A true friendship teaches you to be by your side even in the worst of moments.

7. Avoid friends who always judge you when things don't go well. A true friend will find a way to get things working again and not always blame you. 

8. Friends who always give you bad advice or force you to do things you will regret. Avoid them because they won't bring you anything positive, but they will make things worse for you.

9. Avoid friends who always want to control them.

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