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Cosatu says demands for wage increase by Eskom workers is justified cause the cost of living is high

Cosatu says demands for a wage increase by Eskom workers is justified as the cost of living continues to rise. It says huge gaps in salaries between staff and management need to be addressed.

"You are going to cost people there jobs.. No electricity = no productivity in most cases. Small to medium enterprise will suffer the most and alot of people will be laid off due to your arrogance... there are millions in SA struggling to make ends meat why are eskom employees more important then the other working class.... they should fired..."

"Very very selfish indeed! Don't the people of SA also suffer from Fuel Prices, Food and ELECTRICITY! What about 18 million people Jobless????? Very selfish Escome workers! You are the highest paid in South Africa."

"Wage gap in the private sector should be looked at and scrutinized. Private sector workers are also affected by the high cost of living but who fights for them? Everyone is this country is struggling. But not at the expense of others"

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