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“I am a political prisoner” Jacob Zuma introduces himself to South Africans with a new name.

The former president has scrutinized court measures that were adhered to and decides that were clearly adapted to target him. 

Former president Jacob Zuma has written his first assertion since his delivery from jail on clinical parole recently. 

In it, the former president censures the cycles that brought about his detainment and features the "peculiarities" that were obvious indicators the courts were utilized to target him. 

However, Zuma says this isn't the end and has promised to battle for the "freedom of the African kid". 

"Likewise with large numbers of our chiefs during the battle, I accept that set of experiences will justify me when I say that South Africa today is currently transforming from a protected popular government to a sacred fascism. After the judgment of the Constitutional Court on 17 September, I am more than sure of this than at any other time.

Large numbers of our kin are ignorant concerning this reality now since they have been effectively mesmerized by the long-standing enemy of Zuma story. It is maybe advantageous or in any event, benefiting for others that the laws of this nation be more than once twisted and controlled when managing Zuma," said the previous president in the assertion on Monday. 


As per him, the Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture was conceived out of an "oddity" in that previous public defender Thuli Madonsela should surrender the examination to her replacement as she did with the wide range of various examinations that were not finished when her term of office finished. 

"In any case, considering that this was a case that had something to do with Zuma, an alternate cycle was followed to set up a commission," he said. 

"Interestingly, the official privilege and powers to choose a commission of request were singularly usurped by the public defender and gave to the central equity. Strangely, the explanation given at the time was that I would not delegate a free adjudicator, loaning trustworthiness to the possibility that there are a few appointed authorities who are not autonomous.

This stance by the public defender was not seen as an assault on the respectability of our appointed authorities and was rather acknowledged as conceivable." 

Another "inconsistency", as per the previous president, was the immediate association of the Constitutional Court in his scorn case. He said he had expected the pinnacle court to permit the lower courts to manage the issues of his participation at the commission as, by then, there was no protected matter that necessary the immediate association of the zenith court. 

"It is an exceptionally dismal day in our set of experiences to see how those we have depended with the constitution currently see themselves as over the constitution." 

Zuma challenges detainment at African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights 

Zuma said while the assessment that he would not have selected an autonomous appointed authority was broadly acknowledged, he has been reprimanded for condemning the legal executive. 

"I have been censured for my public remarks about the direct of specific individuals from the legal executive and i'm not sure why. It is my protected right to freely investigate passes judgment on the same way they reserve a privilege to study me as a government official.

Opportunity of articulation is a principal right and for that to be utilized against me as disturbance in impressive a sentence for common disdain is one more of the numerous oddities I stay a casualty of in this arising sacred fascism," he said. 

In any case, this won't deflect the previous president's battle for the freedom of the African kid. Truth be told, the previous president's life has ended up at ground zero – from being a political detainee during the politically-sanctioned racial segregation period, to being one in fair South Africa. 

"I have been a detainee without a preliminary, in a South Africa that is supposed to be free and regarding the privileges of its residents, where I never figured this would happen on me or any other individual.

I wear the identification of being a political detainee with the best pride as the battle for the opportunity of the African against all structures abuse, including persecution of the African by other partner Africans, has been my sole mission throughout everyday life. I will battle on. Equity will win. Foul play will be crushed."

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