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Witchcraft? A Man Use A Crocodile As A Pet. The video Shows Him Enjoying Them Moment. UNBELIEVABLE.


A random man shake the whole internet with his video showing his pet that left too many people in total disbelief. This is totally showing as that white people are not afraid of anything because they can take anything and make it their pets. They really need to take care because occasionally, they are getting hurt, well, they are not even aware. They're always making sure that they're playing with dangerous things, and things are always ending in tears for them. I can tell that this man is the first person to do what he did because most people are using cats or dogs as they are pets.

White people can really make you think that there is nothing possible if you feel like doing it. They are always getting injured when playing with their pets, and that makes black people think that it's witchcraft. They should know that what they are doing is also affecting other people who are watching their videos. That's why parents got advised to stop the kids from watching TV too much because they are seeing things that are not essential for them. That's why you find some movies written that they must not be watched by kids that are under the age that is written in there.

The man on the video has made a giant ring that not anyone was thinking of subway, so many people are reacting to this video. He must tell us what is it that he is doing with that crocodile because there is no way he can just turn it into his pet. It looks like soon enough people will be using dangerous animals in their houses, forgetting that they might kill them when they are not even aware. Some people got killed by their pets because they have trusted them, even when knowing that they might react anytime. That's why the most black people don't like to have any animals in their houses because they don't really trust them.

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