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OPINION| Former President Kgalema Montlanthe Exposed the Skeletons in the ANC

There is a saying that if there is no fire, there will be no smoke, the damn report submitted by former President Kgalema Motlanthe to the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party's best election committee, revealed that the center is now in power, how unconservative within the party Motlanthe's note to NEC detailed how the gang penetrated the ANC, which surprised some people. They did not expect that the party leaders would reveal to the public the skeleton of the ANC, that had been hidden for a period of time. Him saying that means there is something wrong and he must tell us what is it exactly, as the whole nation need to know

Had to stand up and say, when the former president talked about the gang taking over the ANC, everyone was asking the question, who are these gangs and what actions they have done that deserve such a label? But the truth is, if you have a nerve to expose corruption or anything you need to expose every detail. You cant just say you are saying everything while you don't mention the names. According to his report, Motlanthe did not point the finger at any gangster, but concluded that the two factions of the ANC were fueling gang activities and dragging the party downhillIt is reported that gangs, thugs and criminals arrested the ANC in the town of Tshwane, raging and disrupting the candidate search process. Earlier this month, in the controversy of the candidate selected controversy, the department of Tshwane once killed. Several ANC participants in the northwest protested, accusing the provincial IPC coordinator Hlomane Chauke of being the central figure, in the improper and manipulative list of candidates. All these allegations and unfortunate incidents that occurred within the ANC, in multiple provinces sincerely show that the center did not stick to it, former President Kgalema Motlanthe has many because the ANC now has a lot to correct

Kgalema need to go back to his advisor and start-a-fresh he need to say everything as it is, he is the leader and must lead with example, young people are looking up to him while he has cold feet, what lesson is he teaching ?

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