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'My money goes towards building my own house' Lady share images of material she bought (See Pics)


A young lady has left people in shock after showing off how she started with her project. She shared pictures of what she is currently doing with the money she earns online. What she does on the internet for a living left people shocked realizing that they are wasting their time chasing honey pot for mahala. Instead of taking videos to earn a living out of their content.

Young lady from KZN shared pictures of material she bought this day. To build yet another house with the little she earns from spending time with herself creating videos from entertainment. What started as a disgrace to people who follow her on tweeter.

Changed to be an inspiration as she does what she does to make good things for her family. People judged her content until she showed how she manages to push dreams out of what majority don't like to do but watch.

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