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OPINION | President Cyril Ramaphosa putting salt to South African nation wounds

30 September 2021

Have you seen how aloof State employees and politicians are from the consequence of corruption and mismanagement of the economy? They cannot comprehend how frustrated people are with what has become of SA. Some here are among the 170 000 public servants who stole social grants. Once a person tells you that R500 billion was stolen then you must know the reason capacity is at the shallow water level. How do you steal bank guarantees and tax incentives. PPE money was stolen but to say R500 billion was stolen as a blanket statement shows deficiency.

Does he have to look at everything through the ANC lenses? Zweli Mkhize stole during a pandemic. No PR will fix this mess. We are being provoked as South African Nation. Defending Zweli Mkhize on Digital Vibes saga it doesn't make clear info as the EFF defending the VBS saga, which implicated both EFF and ANC by the way. Refrain from insulting the public by putting a ribbon on the compromised, lying and unethical Zweli Mkhize.

They stole limited resources during a pandemic when we were engulfed by fear as we saw loved ones dying. Doctor Zweli Mkhize emerges as the face of that evil, but he was not alone. None of them is in prison, We can't even lead a normal life on our meagre salaries in order to make ends meet. These ogres are eating and eating. Makes some of us sick that they have gotten away so long. Cyril Ramaphosa is too slow. He's working on it but too slowly. We need rapid intervention. Arrests and convictions. South Africans have had enough of corruption and total disregard to the rule of law. Time to see action and people being jailed for long periods and no parole.The President putting salt to our wound. If NPA Presecutes continue to move at a snail pace on corruption cases, such as Digital Vibes, the public may be frustrated and take the law into their own hands. Politicians don't love us at all. Yes, all of them.

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