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A woman who is in need of a baby discovered on camera making out with Tokoloshi Man


Many people have lost their marriage because they did not have children. Many people cry every day because of not having children. This problem of infertility can sometimes make you wish you could do something worse. It brings a lot of hatred to family members and a lot of ridicule from friends and colleagues.

If you don't care you could end up in a very bad situation as pastors who collect all your money and other things. From the photos, you can see the dog man cutting the lady. You could see a juju man sleeping with a lady all because the lady wanted a baby. The juju man claimed he had to have love with the woman before she could give birth. And out of desperation for the baby the lady even let the juju man have his way. The beautiful lady stood very low because of the baby.

Now caught on camera, the groom would see her being cut by a slut man. The bridegroom might have divorced her and she would have moved from the hot tub to the fire. He wanted to save her marriage, but now he has ended her marriage. It hurts.

You should not do something out of desperation. What can be guaranteed if a juju man can get pregnant. This could be an insult to your husband. Because you man can't get pregnant but a juju man got you pregnant. I don’t know the minds and intellect of some women.

Why not go after your husband on your back and look for a baby in Juju man. Some of the ladies were also nominated not only by the juju men but also by other clergymen. Some clergymen cut off people's wives for childbirth. Learners must be careful and vigilant in their marriages. Childlessness is not the end of the world for you.

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