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She did not tell me she is HIV positive and this is how I find out? - Man cries out


I moved to Musina from Louis Trichardt because of my job. After a few days of ignoring my infatuation on a woman at my new Musina employment because I was still new, I collected the confidence to tell her about it and declare my love for her, and luckily all went well as she said yes, and we then started our relationship from that day forward.

As you may be aware, this is typically the beginning of a romantic relationship. We were all supposed to be open and honest about some areas of our life, and we all did so, but none of us addressed their health problems. So what occurred was that, when out with her after work, I noticed that others were giving me humorous glances, which prompted me to investigate.

At first, I thought they were envious of me since I was new to the township, but I also thought they were envious because I had kidnapped one of the most attractive women in the region. When I saw that even women were staring at me, I understood I had made a blunder.

It took a few weeks before I could figure out what was going on, and when I stopped receiving replies, I chose to forget about it and move on with my life. In the midst of my decision-making process about whether or not I should move on, I decided to have a peek at her phone.

However, I found no evidence of her having inappropriate interactions with any of her male acquaintances. This is what I found when I finally looked through the photographs of her and her pal Lesedi. See what others are saying in the following threads.

As you can tell from their chats, she is HIV positive and opted not to tell me; thankfully, nothing has come of it yet. What should you do now that you're in this situation? Do I confront her about it, making it known that I was the one who combed through her phone for relevant information?

Do I let her unwind on her own schedule? Or should I simply give up and go home? When faced with a scenario like this, what should you do?


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