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Struggling to enjoy the summer cause of strong body odor? Yes, I finally said it you are not alone.

A lot of people believe it or not, think females can’t get strong body odor cause we are to feminine or all. Guess what? we do too.

I used to struggle a lot with my body odor especially in my high school years cause I didn’t know what to used, how to use it essential I just didn’t know how to take care of myself properly.

Until I got to varsity were I learnt a lot of tricks from my girls on how to minimize my body odor also found out things that contributed to it being so strong, also I was lucky enough to find out that I’m not going through it alone.

First of all let me address this, it is very much normal to sweat and some people sweat much more excessively than others for many different reasons.

Lets began with what could be the cause of strong body odor.

  1. Hormonal changes: Menstruation, menopause cause hormones to fluctuate so this could add to strong body odor.
  2. Genetics: This is hereditary too, you can search about your family history and may find out more about where it all comes from.
  3. Thyroid disorder: Thyroid glands are responsible for your sweat glands and you most likely to excessively sweat if you have a disorder leading to stronger body odor.
  4. Poor hygiene: Not using the correct deodorants for you. Repeating of clothing over and over without washing it.
  5. Type of clothing material: Some clothing material there isn’t flow of air through the material and leading to sweat gets trapped and odor builds up.
  6. Junk: Junk contains a lot of fat and when fat is stored within us, it produces heat and this could make you excessively sweat during the summer so a healthy diet could reduce your strong odor.
  7. Anxiety: Anxiety comes with stress and some people sweat excessively when stressed out so you might be suffering from anxiety a lot more often and many more other reasons.

Tips on how to survive the Summer.

  1. Shower/ Take a bath at least twice a day to remove as much sweat as you can.
  2. Invest in things like sea salt/ body scrubs to exfoliate your body pores.
  3. Shaving/ waxing: Keeping your underarms shaved and other areas makes it easier to clean up and allows flow of air.
  4. Lotion: invest in lotions that lean more towards freshness because sometimes perfume don’t correspond with our body odor and makes it twice as potent.
  5. Deodorant: personally, I use male deodorant only cause they are stronger and keep me feeling fresh longer than female deodorant. But just use what can stain you feeling fresh for longer.
  6. Keep wipes and body spray with you but remember not you warmer perfumed body spray but light ones. Wipes for when you sweat you can go to the bathroom wipe the areas in need to refresh and than use your body spray after.
  7. Watch out for the type of material you wear and wear clothes that are airy and light. Also try to not repeat clothing, wear clean clothes.

If your body odor is more due to health issues or you think it’s due to that, I advice that you visits the doctor to discuss and get professional advice on how to go out the situation cause I’m no doctor but they I can share how I survive the warmer weather and maybe it may help you too.

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