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How to deal with a Snakebite in a natural and traditional way

Snakes are beautiful, slimy creatures with a bad reputation since the time of Adam and Eve. Situations are snakes not as bad as they seem. Just need to know what to do and when? 




 Wherever you are in the world, the chances of a snake lurking are slim. Whether you're scared of snakes or keeping your distance when you see one, there's a good distance for a snake to bite you at least once in a lifetime. A fun fact about snakes is that they are not aggressive creatures. They only fight humans and animals alike if they feel threatened in their personal space: snakes only bite as a defence mechanism, whether at home, in the wild or when walking in the bush. , there are steps you can take to fix everything without going to the hospital for treatment. 

 What to do if a snake bites you and there is no hospital nearby 

 1 Don't move or panic - this may seem like a crazy idea to some. from one of the most feared creatures on earth? Well, the answer is simple, it is a matter of the mind, you need to focus on being positive knowing that the snake will only attack you once and will take an escape route ASAP. If a snake bites you, it is the fact that the snake's venom is entering your lymphatic system. If you stay still after a snake bite, the snake's venom will not migrate through your body. So indirectly, the more you move your limbs after a bite, the further the snake's venom travels into your body. 

 2. Leave the snake alone: ​​After you have been bitten by a snake, there is absolutely no point in trying to kill, injure or catch the snake to identify it, it is most likely a futile effort as Snakes are faster than humans The chances of being bitten by a poisonous snake are slim at best. 

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 3 Washing, Cutting and Sucking the Venom: There are a thousand and one ways to kill a bird, but this article will educate you on the best way to remove a snake's venom from your system. The step in doing this yourself is to wash the stitch area. After the area is properly washed with water, use a knife or other sharp object to make an X-cut in the area of ​​the bite. After you've made the cut, next place your mouth on the affected area and suck. Once you drop the poison gets in your mouth, spit it out and voila.

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