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Look: Woman Finds Whole Vhicken Head in Order of Fried Wings

A woman based in Pennsylvania has received more than 14 000 shares on a Facebook post after claiming she found something “odd” in her take out order.

On the post, the woman explained how she got home and got a shocker of her life. She says after opening the takeaway container, she took a bite out of a wing before she discovered an unusual one.

Paulhamus says she opened the take-away container and took a bite out of a wing before she noticed one of them had an unusual shape to it.

“Ordered wings from Old School Pizza with Hannah Wingrove and received a chicken head," she wrote.

“Was told to call back on Monday and speak to management."

This type of mistakes normally happen at eating places. Sometimes people discover rotten food and worms. You find out that they also sell fried chicken heads and they made a mistake by putting it in her food while she did not order it.

People on social went crazy over post and shared the experience with this type of mistake.

"I would have cried, apologized for eating it's body, then died all in 3 secs. It looks Iike it was crying for help when they cut his neck," wrote a Facebook user.

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