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Sherwood Durban. Cops attacked.


One has to wonder if police officers in South Africa even go for training, both for fitness and training how to use their guns. Honestly, have you ever seen a single video of SAPS going through any intense training. That's why there are incidents where police officers arrive 1 hour after a crime scene involving a shootout because they don't want to risk their lives. And then there are incidents where you hear that criminals out ran police officers.

A video was shared on Twitter by Yusuf Abramjee, which shows a police officer pulling over a white bakkie. The police officer approaches the bakkie with a gun and immediately two men come out of the car running away, the police officer also runs away in the opposite direction meaning that he let them escape on foot.

It appears that the police officer had a partner in the car who abandoned him by not leaving the car to assist him. This analogy is because the police officer with the gun exited the car from the left door meaning that there was indeed another police officer, who was the one driving. It's such shame that a pedestrian was caught in the cross fire as he was also seen running away confused about what was happening.

Police Minister Bheki Cele has to address this matter because we can't have police officers who are cowards, especially if the criminal does not have any sort of weapon on them. The only good thing that these officers are good at is taking bribes. All Mabena's need to leave the police force. Does this justify the saying that South Africa has become a banana republic, whereby police officers are scared of criminals?

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