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Mzansi share their stories after seeing lady doing this in public

Working hard is getting up every morning to pursue your aspirations because no one else will; pursuing your dreams entails doing something about your life. A lady posted a photo of herself wearing her uniform, coming home from work, looking fatigued, with the caption "early morning, late night." This means she has to get up early to go to work and then come home late. People soon jump in the comment area, giving her all the nicest comments and encouragement that will help her in the long term, because we all know that every day young people battle for a brighter future, and no one knows what tomorrow has for them. People should be grateful for what they have because nothing is guaranteed. Please remember to like and comment on this article.

Job is not an abbreviation. The term "job" refers to work or a task. A job is a person's role in society. A job, in more particular terms, is an activity that is regularly performed on a regular basis and is frequently performed in exchange for payment.


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