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Divorce Affair

"My Wife Cheated on me And I Forgave Her, She Left After I Lost my Job And Got Married" Man Narrates

In a previous interview with Switch TV, a guy called Dennis revealed his story of how his ex-wife would never return one day from home.

Dennis learned that his wife had an affair, he always pardoned her, but after he lost his job his wife and three children abandoned him. Three years he begged with her, but she refused to return.

He said that it was tough for him to be his children's full-time parent, but he had no option. It seems like his wife went on with another man and had even a fourth baby, but later she divorced the man she married.

After 9 years, his kids sought to get in touch with their mother, but he says they always notified him they didn't want to do anything with her, and they were invited to return to him every time they visited her.

Dennis claims he forgave his wife, wished her well and let her go and forgive her. He claims he didn't remarry because he'd got kids to look after, and yet he does.

2 Lessons learned from the tale of Dennis

In the society in which we live today, it is vital for all women to have a regular source of income and to play an active part in their financial life. This is because the reality in the world today, particularly in African nations, necessitates women to achieve financial independence in order to alleviate poverty.

Sadly, despite the world has changed, many women refuse to adapt their approach to finance and stay caught in the patriarchal age, where they rely on a man for all.


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