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An eye for an eye between Gladys and Thati Gomora [Opinon]


With all the chaos and fighting that has been happening between Thati and Gladys,the people who pays for their sins are their children.These two characters on the Telenovela Gomora have been having their back and forth arguments, and one of the main reasons is Melusi who is Gladys’s husband but happened to love Thathi before getting married to Gladys.Melusi is agian inlove with Thathi as he has loudly shown this.

Clearly these two have been rivals for a very long time.However Melusi is the one who has allowed Thathi to have access on their lives.Both Thathi and Gladys are beautiful woman and yet they have a weakness that is Melusi.They have similarities which are that they have both killed people knowingly or unknowingly, have kept secrets from each other that can create a turmoil if they can come out.See the link below:

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However Melusi knows half truth as he only knows Gladys as the bad person and doesn’t know the things that Thati has done.There nothing that is hidden that will never come out in the open, maybe by then it will be too late for Melusi to amend or fix the ongoing damage in his family.

Photo Credit:Mzansi Magic Twitter

On yesterday’s episode Thathi pushed Gladys,did she do this to cause harm on Gladys’s unborn baby?Did she unknowingly paid revenge for Langa’s murder?Will Gladys forgive Thati?Will Melusi leave Gladys and Ntokozo as he doesn’t have anything that is holding him back now?Will he forgive Thathi?

Photo Credit Mzansi Magic Twitter

It looks like Melusi have nowhere else to go and hide as both Thati and Gladys’s are murderes and have killed his children.It is ironic how what goes around comes around while you are least expecting it to come.Not even once Gladys knew that she will loose the baby.They say be careful of what you wish for as you might recieve exactly that.Gladys’s first wish of aborting the baby has been fulfilled ,the only difference is that it is now in a very painful manner and wasn’t expecting it to happen.

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