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Is This Proof that The Fight Against Covid-19 Being Won? Mzansi Never Expected It

Date: 21/09/21



For the longest time, the country has been losing the fight against the Coronavirus, especially for the past few months. We have seen South Africa reach lockdown levels as high as level 4, all in an attempt to help stop the spread of the virus.

This, however, did not work for the longest time as cases stopped dropping and remained the same. In recent days, the country moved down to level 2 as cases are dropping but something happened on Monday that proves South Africa might be winning the fight against the virus.


According to the latest cases of the virus in the country, South Africa has registered one of the lowest numbers of fatalities due to the virus in the last 4 months. About 48 people succumbed to the coronavirus in the last 24 hours of testing.

This is the lowest the country has ever gone in the last 4 months. This was before it even moved to level 4 of the lockdown. This shows that the third wave is actually being defeated in the country and better days are coming very soon.

The graph of the third wave of infections has even changed trajectory as it was not going down any more for the past two months but now it has started showing signs of going down drastically.

The country should expect to defeat the third wave in the next few weeks. The president of the country also said that he's very positive that this time around that way we'll be defeated.


I believe this is perfect proof that the country has gone full circle in the fight against the third wave. In the beginning, it was the misunderstanding of the delta variant that made it difficult for the cases to decrease as usual.

It is evident in the graph of the current infections that this time around, the wave did not move smoothly on its way down. This is a great sign that no matter how difficult I'm scared South Africa always seems to rise above it.

What is your take on the matter?

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