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Kwesta has fallen he now just burp alone, here is how the father of two killed his career.

Kwesta the well known rapper with a bass voice that would make all ladies go crazy even a few gents went a little bit nut because of his voice, his voice had the capability to move ladies to the extent of just listening to his voice even though they did not understand what his saying. Lately his music has just been for his ears alone and his family it was recently revealed that he was too in a rush to get married, not because marriage is bad but because as a musician lije himself whose hot and has a voice like that his fans are mostly ladies.

Not that he should have choosen the part to plsy with girls but he could have atleast first showered people with his music then when he felt hus getting older he retires then get married. Now he has no fans because ladies nolonger listen to his songs because his married ladies nolonger want him because they know that even if they go to him his only concern is hus wife that means they nolonger stand a chance.

This was written on twitter by one influencer as she was bringing or shedding light to the crisis that has befallen kwesta the famous rapper of good music.

Since his married now he has nothing to rap about all he does now us burp alone no one listens to his songs because there us no soul or love story in them all his love stories are completed he has a wife and kids now. He can only rap about such probably family man will listen because the youngsters are now nolonger relating to his music.

Here is a picture of him as his busy still pushing his music and hoping for some YouTube viewers.

Do you believe that kwesta made a mistake when he got married early?

Is it wrong for musicians to marry if they will lose fans? Whats more important in life money or love?

Here are the comments from twitter after the kwesta story was posted and how he has lost number of fans and his music is nolonger that ranking like it used to.

Source :Twitter social media platform

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