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OPINION: People will do anything to be in a relationship but this is what they will fail to do

Relationships fail everyday, people get disappointed and find themselves making remarks such as, "He is not what I thought he was." That reflects back to how things were before the relationships started.

We can all agree that some people will do anything to be in a relationship with someone but there is something that they are failing to do which leads to the failure of a whole relationship. Being in a relationship is like owning a car. You have to keep polishing it, you have to keep it maintained to make sure that remains attractive, interesting and safe.

The unfortunate part of our lives is that after doing everything we can to be on that relationship, we then find ourselves failing to maintain it. This might be because people get too comfortable after getting what they wanted or they just tell themselves that it is a done deal.

My belief is that people spend a lot of time communicating through the process of pursuing each other and then find themselves with less information to share about one another. It is also not easy to start sharing some deep secrets as you are trying to settle in a relationship, that might scare the other partner.

Communication is a key to every relationship, so if you find yourselves having done much of it while building up to that relationship, it is advisable to start doing activities together so that the chain of communication can never be broken. Another key is to start learning about each other's interests so that the time you spend together and your communication can be fun and productive. reveals that each partner should be able at an earliest stage to devote him or herself into giving attention and time to the other partner, they both need to be confident enough to share their emotions in order to be able to mature together. This will make it easier for them to be able to address their differences and be able to accommodate them.

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I strongly believe that having a partner that you are not scared to open up to regarding the aspects that are mentioned by 'Psychology today' makes it easier to find comfort in a relationship, and the relationship will always be maintained once you are comfortable with each other.

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