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Watch| Chaos Erupts As A Somalian Shoots A Taxi Driver In Durban Road, Korsten

It is quite disturbing that some adults do not know how to avoid a fight and wear the bigger shoes. Small things lead to terrible endings whereas lives are lost and our economy gets declined. The whole day shops had to stop operating due to hooliganism and it is not good at all, people have to be matured and handle matters in a way that won't compromise others.

GGunshots were fired and shops and minibus taxis set alight, causing pandemonium in Durban Road, Korsten, on Wednesday afternoon. A car accident between a Somali man and an African male is what sparked the problem. This matter didn't have to escalate, it was supposed to be solved in a calm manner. The safety of shoppers and other civillians was not considered, they had to run for their own safety when all this started heating up. Law enforcement officers should take action against all who were involved.

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