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SHS student & her alleged s#gar daddy cause commotion on School Campus -photos & Video.

Everyone's favorite stage in life is the point in time when they graduate from high school or college. It is impossible to quantify their feelings of happiness and exhilaration. They are the only ones that comprehend whatever it is that they are doing to portray that particular inner delight that they have.

Completing senior high school is one of the most significant accomplishments a student can make. It is only after senior high school graduation that you realize just how content the majority of pupils may be. Brass bands are a popular choice for some, who perform around the community in which they find themselves.

Things have shifted dramatically in recent years. Social media platforms, as well as the fact that some of these young people have developed a strong addiction to them, have enabled them to document their delight after graduating from senior high schools through photographs and videos.

Students from SHS who recently finished writing their WASSCE and graduated this year are gaining widespread attention on social media. The most prevalent and widely accepted cause for this trend is that male students are taking advantage of the chance to propose to their partners. So far, a large number of videos have become popular. There is another one that is currently popular, and that is what I will be discussing today.

One girl at SHS is the subject of this viral video, who claims that her claimed sugar daddy showed up on the school's campus to spend some quality time with her. The man bent down to speak with the young lady, then rose to his feet after a few moments. Everyone's attention was focused on them.

You can tell by looking around that the school is an all-girls institution just by looking at the kids.

It was the fact that this man is so tall that many were taken aback by his feat of standing up and holding the hands of his girlfriend. In addition, the girl is rather short.

They exchanged warm embraces before the girl went for her accommodation. Because she was bashful, she just covered a portion of her face when she was walking. Her claimed sugar daddy followed in her footsteps.


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