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Mzansi noticed something strange after a lady shared her proposal ring on Social media

It is everyone's wish to get married and build a family with their loved ones. In particular, women value marriage and being proposed as one of the biggest achievements in their lives.

Marriage is a beautiful thing, and therefore it must be celebrated with laughter and anything people can do to celebrate the good news of the union of two people. That's the reason why people celebrate it with the families of the two wedded couples.

Wedding day is a big day for the couple, and everyone goes all out to make it perfect.Something even went to the point that they spent their last money on preparing for the day. Parents, friends, and colleagues come all together to support the union of the two people who are getting married and wish them luck on their new journey as a new family.

An excited woman shows you the photo of yourself wearing a proposal ring she got from her husband-to-be. The woman looks excited, judging from the post that finally she is going to be someone's wife. However, it's a woman who is authentic and does not hide behind artificial things. She did not hide or start by doing nails on her hand in order to upload the photo on Twitter.

As judgmental as people can be, they have noticed that her hands are dirty and short in a way that they are not abusing being shown on social media. People were making jobs out of your hands and nails. As true as she is to herself, she did not. Keep this in mind, but continue to celebrate your accomplishments.

In my opinion and analysis, people are mean even about things one cannot change, which is totally wrong. What are your thoughts on the matter above? Please leave your comments below and do follow for more updates.


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