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Pick n Pay Liquor Advise South Africans To Stock Up Liquor For December. As Alcohol Ban Threats Loom

Several Pick n Pay Liquor store put out notices notifying South Africans to stock up liquor for December. This clearly means that during the festive season South Africa will be on a stricter lockdown to prevent surges of the covid-19 cases. Currently the country is stable and recording fewer cases by the day.

The country is on level one and the vaccine drive isn't doing so badly at all. Currently over 20 million South Africans have vaccinated, the numbers are escalating on a daily.

For Pick n Pay to advice South Africans to stock up their bars means that alcohol will be banned in South Africa during the festive holidays. Last year December alcohol was banned and it shocked everybody as no one saw it coming. The president banned it on the last weeks of December and frustrated a lot of people.

Tarvens and Bars had stocked up more than usually preparing for the New Year's Eve only for the president to shut their doors on the time they make more money than ever. Now we are being warned that once again that the festive won't have alcohol for the sake of stalling the forth wave. It won't be fun December if you don't stock up alcohol for yourself as we are being advised to do so.

It is bad news on bad news for South Africans this festive this year. Just last month Savanna announced that it is out of stock nationally. Mzansi favorite cider won't be available for quit some time and it will take them nearly 3 month to be back on their feet as they are brewing at this stage.

The bad news don't end there, if ever the country is moved to Level 3 provincial travel will be banned. Traveling is a super spreader for this virus. What this means is that we will all be stuck in Gauteng and won't be able to spend Christmas with our loved ones. The covid-19 has changed how we live.

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