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Politics:Poland Man who assassinated Chris Hani still at C-max prison

Janusz Waluś nie wróci do Polski. Zostaje w więzieniu

Walus’s lawyer Julia Knight denies Walus has shown no remorse. “The application is going to be to reviewed and set aside… the decision of the Minister refusing his release on parole, and asking the courts to substitute the Minister’s decision. Incorporated in that will also be that he be deported to Poland,” she said.

Decision pending on Janusz Walus parole - CHANNELAFRICA

Extract The hate-filled, violence-loving far-right-wingers are coming. Well, actually, they are here. Perhaps they never went away. Over the past few years far-right nationalism and racism have been on the resurgence throughout Europe. From Italy to Germany to Sweden through to the Ukraine, formations which just 25 years ago were reviled as not worthy of even being listened to are now kingmakers in coalition governments and, in some instances, are on the verge of being elected to the highest offices in their countries. In the US the president has declared himself a “nationalist”, and right-wing nationalists close to him, such as his former adviser Steve Bannon, are so emboldened that they go on speaking tours to Europe and are hired by far-right leaders such as Hungary’s repressive Viktor Orban.

the familiar name of "Kuba".The second appellant, whose age is given in the indictment as 57 years, lived wííh his wife in a house in a suburb of Krugersdorp. A former Nationalist member of the Transvaal Provincial Council, the second appellant has been a member of the General Council of the Conservative Party since 1982. In May 1987 he became a nominated member of Parliament for the Conservative Party. In September 1989 he was nominated to the President's Council where he served until that body's demise on 20 June 1993. The first appellant and Mrs Derby-Lewis, so the trial court correctly found, "were both prominent in right-wing politics."

The antipathy to parole is based on those very same human emotions — vengefulness and a desire for retribution — that the Constitutional Court said we should eschew. The actual refusals, however, have been dressed in various flimsy arguments, varying from parole refusal to parole refusal, often with the most recent justification contradicting the previous.

“At our very first meeting I knew that I wanted to publish the book, and almost immediately commissioned a cover design. After receiving the completed manuscript, I realised that I may have been a bit hasty, and instead, I should be putting my energies into finding a good lawyer.”Daily Sun reported

Waluś didn’t concern himself with politics when he lived in Poland – he preferred racing cars.

But after moving to South Africa he became involved in pro-apartheid and far-right movements, including the white supremacist Afrikaner Resistance Movement of Eugene Terre’Blanche. On the morning of 10 April 1993, in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg, he approached the home of Chris Hani, leader of the South African Communist party and a commander of uMkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress, and shot him at point-blank range in the chin, behind the ear and in the chest video supplied by SABC News

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