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Top 10 Most Important Benefits of Vacation

Vacations are really fun but they can be expensive too. Hence, many people choose to not go on vacations and just stay at home or worst, don’t take a break from work. However, vacations might well be worth the related expenses. Here are 10 Most Important Benefits of Vacation.

10. It relieves stress

There are many types of stress. There’s psychological, emotional, physical and even occupational. However, taking some time away from whichever stress you are experiencing is a must. Why vacation? Because staying in the same environment where you are experiencing or triggers your stress wouldn’t really do, so sometimes you really have to get away from it all.

9. Vacation minimize the risk of heart disease

Studies show that heart disease can also be caused by stress. Hence, by reducing your stress you also reduce the risk of heart disease. According to the 2010 Framingham Heart Study, regular vacation reduces the risk of heart attack on men by 32% and in women by 50%.

8. It helps increase productivity

People who do nothing but work, especially those who have a very boring daily routine tend to be exhausted, impatient and becomes poor at decision making, However, getting away for a few day, having a change of scenario will refresh you. So coming back from an invigorating vacation gets you more ready and possibly be looking forward to taking on new/ more challenges.

7. Vacation helps prevents illnesses in general

There is a research called psychoneuroimmunology and it proved that stress can cause a poor immune system. Of course, we all know that poor immune system can make one prone to viral diseases.

6. It increases testosterone level

Also due to stress, people with “all work and no play” attitude so to speak has lower libido hence he also loose physical desire for sex. So reducing stress level consequently increases a person’s libido and of course passion for ‘action’.

5. It makes you happier and less burned out

Everyone, consciously or subconsciously like the feeling of freedom. So feeling confined or tied to your job or household chores can eventually lead to depression and anxiety in the long run. The solution? Taking a break from it all.

4. Vacation helps you keep your focus

Vacation provides you with the time to refresh and recharge your brain cells. That is why many workers or busy people get their best ideas away from work or the office space.

3. It lets you bond with your loved ones

Most of the time, too much work means less quality time with your family. Hence taking them on a vacation allows you to have the time for each other away from all your worries.

2. Vacation promotes better sleep

10 most important benefits of vacationA survey said that people tend to get an hour more sleep when they are on vacation. Plus there is no worry of having to be somewhere at a certain time.

1. It gives you a new and better perspective

You can either go mountain climbing, camping, partying in a foreign place or just chill on the beach. Whichever is your vacation of preference, the bottom line is you have a quiet and unbiased time to reflect and open yourself to new possibilities.

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