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We'Re Chasing Wrong People: See Who Is Behind Illegal Mining According To Mogoeng Mogoeng

For the past week or so, South African media has been buzzing about the illegal miners who turn to be violent criminals who then become a serious problem to the communities living around the abandoned mine shafts, despite doing their illegal mining, they also terrorise the people who live near the mines and commit all sorts of crimes such as armed robbery, murder and rape, this is what got the entire country on its toes over the last week or so after the Zamazamas attacked and raped eight women in West Park Village in Krugersdorp, they held them at gunpoint and ordered everyone down before they took turns in raping them, they also reportedly robbed the camera crew equipment worth around R1.5m.

With the community of Kagiso taking matters into their own hands and going to the mines trying to bring out those people who are believed to be from Lesotho, former Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng commented on the whole issue the country is dealing with, he suggests that what the people are doing is chasing the wrong people since he believes thslat there are rich people who are behind the entire illegal mining operations and he believes they are millionaires.

The former Chief justice suggests that they have people who are taking care of them while they do the mining, he believes that South Africa is Chasing on the messenger while the kingpin behind the whole thing are not touched since this is not a simple business.

"I wish South Africans to understand that the Zama Zamas business has millionaires behind it. Miners in majority have people that look after them on the surface. But as usual we’ll skip that & kill messengers and leave the king pins. That business is lucrative," he wrote on his Twitter handle.

People of Kagiso brought their townships to a complete hault for the past couple of days as they went for to the mines in search of Zama Zamas whom they believe are tormenting the communities, two people have been killed in the past two days of searching the illegal miners.


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