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'See As Man Cries Out After His Girlfriend Ends Their Relationship Over GH₵40 Chop Money.

A young man cries out after his girlfriend ends their relationship over GH₵40 chop money.

In an online counseling session, a Ghanaian guy revealed how his girlfriend of two years had been cruelly abandoned because the pocket money he provides him is insufficient.

He claimed the woman informed him frankly that if he was not ready to fulfill her demands, he should go on with his life since she has other men in line who are willing to sponsor her. The guy from the Cape Coast introduced himself as Enock and worked as a pharmacist.

His entire post, which was posted on social media, read as follows:

“Good morning, home. My name is Enock, and I'm from the Cape Coast. I work as a pharmacist. There are certain problems that are troubling me, and I'd want the home to assist me with them. I'm having an affair with a woman who also happens to be my girlfriend.

We've been dating for two years, and this girl constantly complains when I give her 40 cedis for the day as her allowance. She has complained on many occasions that the 40 cedis I give her each day is insufficient and that I should raise the amount, to which I have responded that I cannot since I have a lot of things to attend to. And 40 cedis is not a tiny sum of money, considering that I earn almost 1,200 cedis each month, according to what you're telling me.

So, just yesterday, I sent her 40 cedis, and she promptly returned it to me, stating that she is no longer interested in the 40 cedis I pay her every single day. Since then, she has not picked up the phone or returned my message. Just today, I received a message from her informing me that she is unable to continue since someone has offered to sponsor her and that she is thus finished, to which I responded in the affirmative.

So I'd want to inquire of the household, particularly the women, as to whether I've been unkind to her or if she just does not want us to go on. Please tell the tale as it is, but do not reveal my name or provide my account to anybody who requests it. Basically, I just want to check whether I was correct in my assumptions. Thank you very much for posting in the group on my behalf.”


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