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Ntsiki Mazwai's post caused a debate on Twitter, here's why

Ntsiki Mazwai (born 3 September 1980) is a South African poet, songwriter, and musician. She is popular for her outspoken thoughts and takes them to Twitter. She most times get caught up in dispute as she always shares her opinion on everything and most times people do not accept them. She is a person that speaks her mind on any subject and cares less about people’s reactions. With that being said she shared a post on her Twitter account that caused a debate. See the post below

She wrote that being a gay man does not qualify you to be a woman, you're a gay man that's that and they should stop trying to erase women. The post caused a lot of disputes in the comment section. Some mentioned that they do not believe that gay men are trying to erase women by being themselves and that an individual can identify themselves in any way they wish to identify themselves as. Others said that women feel threatened by them. See more of the replies below

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