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Mzansi makes a fuss over Anele Mdoda’s Feather Pollution dress.

It seems Mzansi is ready to dash Anele with some bit of sarcasm and fun as they make very bad comments on her feathers dress, there has been a picture trending on social media of Anele Mdoda as she was wearing a yellow dress. The dress she was wearing was not really that loved by mzansi as they felt, it was not that extravagant.

The dress contained feathers and fans were wondering if she’s a chicken or a bird because the dress contained long feathers which were yellow and they were only up to her knees. The dress was severely leaving a mess everywhere she went because wherever she sat, or walk she was leaving feather’s.

Here is the trending picture of the dress from Twitter social media platform where it was posted and got a lot of comments.

Though the dress was making a mess everywhere she walked fans felt that her dress was polluting everywhere.

Here is the kind of bird she was compared to on twitter and they were dishing up funny comments on her dress.

They believe that after the day is over her dress will be out of feathers and be looking like this because it is leaving feathers everywhere.

After the picture was posted on twitter it received a lot of views and comments here are the comment’s from twitter as screenshots.

Source: twitter social media platform

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