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“Herman Mashaba Will Show You Flames” — Twitter User Warns Malema Ahead Of Election

A Twitter user told Julius Malema to get ready because Herman Mashaba is surely going to show him flames in the upcoming local government elections. He wrote on Twitter, “Julius Malema, Please Note That This Political Non Starter Is Going To Show You Flames On 1 November”. This is coming after it was reported that Herman Mashaba is pulling crowds already in his new political party. Although the new political party is not pleased with what the IEC did, they recently invented a logo, and they are back on track. The success Herman Mashaba is achieving so far because of his ability to connect with his voters, but online and in person. However, many EFF members are branding him as a xenophobe, declaring that he is just a political opportunist who is trying to use every available means to win votes. They also accuse Herman Mashaba and his political party of mixing politics with emotions just to captive voters.

Nevertheless, many followers of Malema have risen to defend their revered commander in chief (CIC) as he is popularly called by his admirers. Trust EFF members, they have taken a swipe at Herman Mashaba and his followers, including his supporters, saying that they will be so disappointed after the election. An EFF member taunted the person who posted the warning to Julius Malema informing him that ActionSA will not be contesting in many municipalities because of their shortcomings. He added, “Are you aware that ActionSA is not participating in many municipalities in the country. Just for information. EFF is the third party in the country. ActionSA is not even close to PAC or ATM. First overtake these small parties, and then you can talk about threat to EFF. I heard Mashaba speaking about the EFF leadership. Deep down he wishes to be like Malema when he grows up”.

Some EFF members lamented that instead of fighting against the ruling party and the IEC for not putting them on the ballot, they decided to face the EFF that is minding their businesses. They observed that Herman Mashaba does not speak or address his followers and supporters without mentioning the EFF and its leadership. One EFF member opined, “As the CIC has said, we will continue to guide Mashaba through this uncertain terrain of politics, he is our creation when DA abandoned him. Show him flames where, in three metros? What about Polokwane, Mbombela, Maritzburg, Bloemfontein, etc? A person who is contesting only 3 metros will show EFF which is contesting all municipalities flames”. 

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