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Imagine Who The EFF In KZN Blames for the Lootings and Killings That occurred in July

This Is Who The EFF In KZN Blames for the Lootings That occurred in July

Date: 2021/10/06

The economic Freedom Fighters have chosen to play the blame game with the murders that occurred in Phoenix in July when people started looting the malls.

They had a rally in KZN this afternoon, where they have 7000 people watching the streets claiming that the African national congress is the reason for the murders, but the sad truth is that that is the furthest thing from the truth because it was a lockdown, and Julius Malema would have done the very same thing to protect the lives of people who had the coronavirus just like Cyril Ramaphosa did.

The president of the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema was not even in Durban this afternoon his subordinates held the March themselves some were wearing masks and a majority was not, this shows that they do not follow the correct protocol when you get out in public which is following the law and no party is above it.

A monument was brought up in the city of Durban to commemorate the people that died during the lootings that happened in the name of the former president of the ANC Jacob Zuma and harsh lockdown conditions.

The economic Freedom Fighters members have grown in large numbers, this shows that everybody over there is doing their job and that doing it very well, that is noticed everywhere we go as KwaZulu-Natal is a province of the ANC and IFP which is a party that is led by the royal family and Buthelezi.


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