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‘We did nothing wrong’: Fraud charges against Dr Tumi and wife dropped

Well-prominent gospel performer and clinical expert Tumisang Makweya, broadly known as "Dr Tumi" has revealed that blackmail charges against him and his significant other Kgaogelo Makweya have been dropped. 

Makweya and his soul mate managed prosecutions of purportedly tricking the National Lotteries Board of nearly R1.5 million. 

They were caught as of late and were yielded bail of R3000 each in the wake of appearing in the Palm Ridge Specialized Commercial Crimes Court on Tuesday, 6 April 2021. 

The media character conveyed an affirmation on his electronic media accounts yesterday (30 September) saying charges against him and his better half had been dropped. 


Phindi Mjonondwane from the NPA (National Prosecuting Authority) attested that charges against Dr Tumi and his soul mate had been eliminated. 

"There were six impugned and charges were simply taken out against Dr Tumi and his significant other ward on the aftereffect of compelling depictions. 

"Dr Tumi and his soul mate made depictions to the NPA relating to the charges enjoyed against them." 

"We appropriately saw as their depictions and they were productive." 

"There were no reasonable potential outcomes of a powerful arraignment against them and henceforth in like way planned that the charges leveled out against them be eliminated," Mjonondwane said. 

Flying predators delegate Captain Ndivhuwo Mulamu as of late communicated: 

"Further assessment revealed that the couple alongside their co-reprimanded, Christopher Tshivule (46) and Thomas Ndadza (48) purportedly changed information on the files submitted to the National Lotteries in September 2018." 

"This happened to the proportion of over R1.5 million being moved into a private record." 

Dr Tumi communicated that value had been served and said he and his soul mate had done nothing unwell.

‘We did nothing wrong’: Fraud charges against Dr Tumi and wife dropped (

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